Bopp Bag

Bopp Bag

Packaging materials made of BOPP, also known as Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, are commonly used. This is a popular material for Bopp Bags Manufacturer In Ahmedabad, India to packaging because it is so durable. In the manufacturing process, organic materials are woven into and laminated into a BOPP bag. Due to the high-quality materials used in their manufacture, these bags are very durable.

GR Plastics BOPP Bags allow the transportation of heavy materials due to their multiple layers. Despite being thin and very durable, they don’t pose an issue when they’re layered. Bags of this type can be used as packaging and shipping materials for many products. Businesses can often advertise their brands on these bags easily. We are also Bopp Bags Manufacturer in Maharashtra. We can provide you with lightweight, high density (heavy), and custom constructions for your entire line. Our bags are designed to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Manufacturing Process

These bags are manufactured by reversing the printing process. Cylinders are filled with multicolored films. Once the laminated bag has been created, it is constructed with fabrics that have been woven, cut, and stitched as per the specifications of the customer.

Multi-colored bags can be customized to create a unique style for the customer. The bags are printed in a machine known as an engraved cylinder. During this process, we create the graphic design on the bags, as well as the brand.


  • High quality printing up to 10 colors
  • Scratch and rub resistant
  • Custom designed to meet client specifications
  • Available with anti-slip treatment


  • Pet and animal feed
  • Fertilizers Industry
  • Chemicals Industry
  • Construction materials
  • Any food packaging 
  • Plastic Industry
  • Building materials
  • Polymers Industry
  • Retail Packaging
  • Pesticide Industry